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Logos are the faces of business establishments, organizations, and agencies. A well-designed logo can influence the minds of people so much that it may leave a long-lasting effect. The history of the logo dates back to the era when kings and empires used to stamp their authority through emblems and hallmarks. The tradition then evolved into representing a corporation or group through symbols. When the industrial revolution began, business houses started experimenting with symbols to represent their establishments and products. The use of logos soon became popular as people started to recognize a company with a logo.

Previously, logos were designed and printed on paper. Today, the computer has made designing of logos quick and easy. Still, due to the thick competition among business establishments, some logos don’t even grab a few eyeballs. The variables like color, font, background, structure, size, etc. play an important role in deciding the attractiveness of a logo. You may take the help of the computer but at the end of the day, you are the person responsible for deciding the outcome of the logo. It becomes very important to keep in mind factors like the types of products, customers, and competitors while designing a logo.

Today, if you see around you, the logos of different companies try hard to attract your attention. You instantly relate to some logos and forget others. Have you ever thought of why that happens? Why a company logo seems more attractive than others? You might not be having a clue but knowing which companies have the best logos in the world may give you some idea about logos.

Most Creative Business Logos

Designing a logo involves a lot of thinking and creativity. They carry the inherent characteristics of companies and brands. A logo tries to show a company’s motto, resolve, and values. A few business establishments come out triumphant in depicting all these traits in a logo. Let us see a few of the most creative logos present today.

1. McDonald’s.

We all love burgers and the company, which dishes out millions of burgers each day – McDonald’s. Like its burgers, the logo of the company has reached iconic status. The two yellow arch-like design of the letter ‘M’ instantly grabs the eyeballs from far away. Though yellow color is a bit jazzy, meticulous use of the color may grab the attention of the viewer instantly and hold it for a longer duration. The red background color enhances the significance of the letter M. It is designed in such a way that you could see the logo from far away.

Apart from these traits, the yellow color represents the energy and enthusiasm of young people whom the company targets. It also represents hope and sunshine. The combination of all these factors has made the McDonald’s logo one of the best among restaurant business logos.

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2. Apple

Who would have thought an electronic and software company would name its company as apple and include it in its logo. Well, today, Apple is known worldwide not only for its innovative products but also for its logo. The logo consists of an apple, which looks like someone has taken a bite of it. The apple symbolizes the electronic business and the bite represents the byte of computer memory. It tries to tell that the company has taken a bite out of the electronic business and would continue to do so. The black color of the apple allows the logo to stand out on the Apple products, which mostly have a white or silver color.

The logo of Apple Company is an example of how to attract the attention of people by naming the company after a food item and design the surrounding logo.

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3. Nike

The footwear company is famous for its Swoosh logo. An intern Carolyn Davidson designed the logo. Nike is the name of the Greek Goddess of victory. The goddess inspired the logo. People didn’t like the logo when it was brought out but it grew on the founder of Nike, Philip Knight, and he decided to stick with it. Though people didn’t notice it much in the initial days, a few corrections and updates helped the logo to grab the attention of the people. The logo you see today was finalized in the year 1995.

The Swoosh symbolizes the speed, agility, and movement. It tries to tell people that the footwear designed and manufactured by Nike is made for comfort movement and speed.

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4. FedEx

FedEx logo is considered as one of the intelligently designed business logos in the business world. The company had a different logo when it started in the year 1971. It contained the full name of the company ‘Federal Express’. As the company was associated with the federal government, blue and red colors are used to depict patriotism. The logo stayed unchanged for more than twenty years but took a new shape in the year 1994. The logo you see today is the same version.

If you see from outside, the logo looks like a combination of letters. But if you pay attention, you would understand how the designer has made use of negative spaces. Look closely between the letter E and X. You will see an arrow intelligently hidden in the middle. The arrow depicts the strong commitment of the company towards speed and accuracy.

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5. Microsoft

Not all companies found success with their first logo. They kept experimenting for years before they stuck on the final logo. Microsoft is one such company that changes its logo six times since its incorporation. Today, we are familiar with the four squares design of the company.

The Microsoft company finalized its latest logo in the year 2012. It was unveiled during the opening ceremony of its 23rd exclusive store in Boston. Wondering what do the four squares symbolize? They symbolize the four major products of the company. Blue is for windows, green is for Xbox, yellow is for Bing, and red is for MS office.

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6. MasterCard

Master Card went one step ahead and removed the company’s name from the logo. Initially, it wasn’t so since the company had its motto and name below the red and yellow circles. The primary logo was designed in the year 1966 and contained the text ‘We Honor Master Charge: The Interbank Card’.

In the year 1976, the company rebranded itself by replacing the text with the name ‘MasterCard’. The red and yellow colors were brightened further to make the logo more appealing and stand-out. The logo we see today was finalized in the year 1996 and the red and yellow colors were given 3D appearance.

Today, the MasterCard logo doesn’t possess text in the logo. The interlocking red and yellow circles try to convey the message that the company is ready to involve everyone in its fold. It also signifies that the company is willing to change with time.

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7. Starbucks

We all love fairy tales. If the fairy tales have mermaids in it, we would be taken to a new world. Did Starbucks consider this fact while designing their logo? May be or may not but there is no question that the Starbucks logo catches the eyeballs without any doubt. The two-tailed mermaid design was finalized in the year 1971. A 16th century Norse consisting of a two-tailed mermaid was the inspiration behind the design.

In the initial days, the mermaid was bare-chested. It was changed in the year 1992 to a conservative mermaid to attract customers of all ages and countries. The design went through another change in the year 2012 and the outer circle consisting of the brand name was removed. The green color replaced the black to depict the purity of the ingredients used in preparing the beverages.

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8. Twitter

The Twitter company logo is one of the logos that became a phenomenon in a short period. Today, it is one of the iconic logos and grabs the attention of people instantly. The design of the logo went through a lot of changes before it was released.

The company had had letters of ‘Twitter’ in blue color from the year 2006 to 2010. The bird Larry came into the design later at the end of the letters. A British Graphic Designer Simon Oxley designed it.

In the year 2012, the mountain bluebird replaced Larry Bird since it resembled the bird of the NBA team Boston Celtics. The logo shows a tweeting bird, which is the same as writing messages on the twitter account. These messages are called tweets.

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9. Rolex

Rolex has one of the oldest logos that hasn’t been changed for a long time. It has maintained the same logo and still attracts people from around the world. The design consists of a simple crown that sits on the Rolex text. It represents prestige, grandeur, power, and luxury. The logo aptly compliments the product since Rolex watches are made for luxury and grandeur.

The inspiration behind the logo was the emblems of kings of ancient times. It was designed to depict perfection, victory, and strength. The slogan of the company ‘A Crown for every Achievement’ compliments the logo perfectly.

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