8 water color cityscape paintings you should know about

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Painting are also looked as a form of expression from the very beginning of human life. Earlier, our ancestors struggled to live a life.

They started to live with basic things like raw food, stones, wood etc. Later they evolved themselves to crop food. In this era, much evolution was seen.

Later, the humans developed some skills in them. They keep on inventing some things or another. More importantly, they started the art of painting.

Painting are present still as a proof to be able to deliver the proof of human existence. Now also the caves of Ajanta and Ellora have cave paintings in them.

These paintings indicate the lives of humans at that time.

Creating a painting is an art. Most importantly, people now look painting as their hobby or a part of their leisure time. But some people look it as a source of earning as well.

Painting are of varied types and are composed from various colors. There are some paintings that are worth a thousand looks.

Get ready to have a look at such paintings which are not only just paintings but also emotions to some.

Let’s have a quick glance at some watercolor cityscapes paintings:

1. Tapestry by Paul Jackson

The painting is made by just getting the right idea through an observation. The glimpse of the large painting was eye caught by the painter by just standing on the deck of the Empire state building.

According to the painter, Paul Jackson said that “I just had a photo shot at dusk, but they allowed me to keep all the track of the painting. This isn’t photographic realism. Everything in this painting- all of my feelings about, and memories of about, New York city.”

From the top, the city of Manhattan looks like a sparkling, peaceful ocean.

The efforts were more of like starting from scratch and ending up by making a masterpiece. The painting was out in the year of 2009. After the painting was completed and was taken out for exhibition, then it was praised worldwide.

Jackson told that he worked on this painting for months and the struggle was real. Whenever he looks at the painting it is never enough. Moreover all the creativity and hardships are shining though.

This painting was included in the list of Magazine of paintings 25@25. It was included with other paintings in the list. It was also stated as an exceptional art.

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2. Pilgrimage by Paul Jackson

Again a masterpiece by Paul Jackson. The painting was widely welcomed by people all over and was praised as well.

The professional watercolorist is acclaimed for his work and dedication towards his art.

His famous painting, Pilgrimage was selected for the inclusion in the Missouri watercolor society’s 2020. The international exhibition was held in Barcelona, Spain.

According to the watercolorist, the painting of Pilgrimage is not just an art. Apart from this it is an emotion to all the people who interact with pilgrims. Not only that the painting was dedicated to all those who practice the devotional process of pilgrimage.

The painting so real to people who see it.

Don’t you think so?

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3. The rainy night in Chinatown by LA. Thomas W. Schaller

The rainy night in Chinatown is being selected in the Los Angeles Magazine stories that is “The 4 Seasons.”

The watercolorist has worked deep into the painting and mixed all the colors into a painting. The fine art relates to the festive streets on Chinatown. The genre was of a season painting. Moreover, the streets and the rainy season was well displayed in the painting as well.

All the contrasting colors are fitting well enough with each other.

The color fits so much properly.

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4. Winter sketch by Kwang Yuek Pang

Kwang Yuek Pang is a world known painter. He is known and acclaimed as a famous watercolorist. Besides a painter, he is also a traveller.

The painting depicts the winter season in Hangzhou. The classic piece shows the color combinations with other and that too with a warm rusty touch. The stress, buildings, people and the street lights all looks lively.

Kwang is not an urban teacher but he is more into teaching more than 100 watercolor enthusiasts everyday. His skills and dedication adds more to his career and name.

Kwang Yeuk Pang is active on social media platforms like Instagram. He post his paintings and those pictures captures all the world around it.

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5. The Divine energy by Nitin Singh

Nitin Singh is an Indian painter and an observer as well. Moreover, he believes that we see what’s surrounds us. According to him, what we see around us is consumed by us. And then the consumed one is responded by us. His paintings are often on online platforms for sale. As per Nitin Singh, we observe various patterns in life and get influenced by the pattern. He try to picture all the observations and patterns in his paintings. The essence of all the experiences are pictures in his paintings.

He welcomes his audience to his online platform wholeheartedly. He believes that different people with different places, different beliefs and expressions are bounded by one thing that is art of painting.

His paintings captures the Indian culture, lifestyle and sculptures and much more. Most of his paintings are associated with the streets of Varanasi.

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6. City of Joy, Kolkata by Ananta Mandal

Ananta Mandal is another Indian watercolor artist. He is been awarded with National and international awards.

He is not only an expertise in watercolor paintings but also a master in oil and acrylic paintings. He had his last painting exhibition in Mumbai at Jehangir art gallery.

For over the years, he had been working in the field of art. He started to attain his art passion in his college life as well. His paintings are associated with Kolkata and Mumbai series. He also works for the charity.

The picture down below is depicting the city of Kolkata which is also known as city of joy. He is also engaged with various NGOs and organizations for charity work.

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7. Nagpur road by Bijay Biswaal

Bijay Biswaal is also another watercolor artist and painter. Previously he worked as a Chief ticket inspector in the Indian Railways. He volunteered himself for the retirement. He wanted to pursue his career for painting.

He got acclaimed for his paintings by the Indian Prime minister, Narender Modi. The Prime minister of India acknowledged his work and dedication on his radio show, Mann ki baat.

He has also been awarded by the state of Maharashtra.

He keep releasing his paintings on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He quite on such platforms.

He started his painting career in Nagpur and thereby, his paintings depicts the same in his watercolor paintings.

He is more interested to paint those paintings that are truly inspired by his nation.

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8. Vibrant painting by Maja Wronska

Maja Wronska is a polish watercolor painter and artist. Her vibrant paintings are stunning in their own way. Her paintings are a characteristic of cities and landmarks. She manages to capture the whole world in a splendid manner. She captures the whole city and landmark in the painting.

Her painting and art works are posted at a regular intervals of time on social media. She is readily active on Instagram. She is a world classic artist who works as a freelance illustrator and who loves to include famous buildings and architectural designs in her paintings. She is more famous for referring European architectural designs.

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For some people painting is just a picture but to some it is a form of life. More importantly, artists look their painting as the form of an expression.

These top-listed painters are just few. Painting can help a person not only in skill development but also help them in their mental well-being.

People believe that painting can help them to grow their minds and apart from this, they can learn a little more.

According to a research study, it is found that people can relieve their mental strain by painting. It helps them to outlook and paint through their creative minds and make themselves feel better.

Painting can help them to get relief from anxiety and stress. Painting can help people at their low times. In reality, painting is a picturing method which does not need any words. Painting is a great way to release the thoughts. Painting also foster the memory development. It can also develop your motor skills. Moreover, we can learn to solve the problems whenever we need to. It is experienced worldwide that the problem of emotional imbalance can also be solved by painting. Overall, painting is a great way for people who want to develop or want to bring about a change in their inner-self.