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Celebrities can sometimes go over the top with what they believe. They have enough time and resources to educate themselves on anything under the sun and make an informed decision. Although not all celebrities use their status in society and access to resources to make such informed decisions, some of them hold beliefs that are outright bizarre. These views can range from the supernatural, to conspiracy theories, to just plain stupid beliefs that have been discredited by science for years. These views can range from the supernatural, to conspiracy theories, to just plain stupid beliefs that have been discredited by science for years. Do we believe these celebrities? To be honest, celebrities have no private life, everything they give out as a statement turns into a controversy.

Some of these beliefs are controversial and has caused much buzz amongst people and fans. It does not fall on us to judge people for what they do or not believe but aliens and Bigfoot? Come on! What’s commendable about these celebrities is that they have stood their ground and held their beliefs even after being ridiculed by the media for their naivety. Here is a list of seven celebrities that hold bizarre beliefs curated for you:

1. Tom Cruise and Xenu (An Alien from outer space)

Tom Cruise, is an actor who is well known for his handsome face, daring action sequences, and for having a never-give-up attitude in his films. He is rarely known for his beliefs in aliens from outer space. Mission impossible, right? Tom Cruise is an ardent follower of the religion of Scientology, and although he has been distancing himself from these rumors, it has not worked in his favor. It is not even considered to be a religion by many, some believe that Scientology brainwashes people into believing utter nonsense. Apart from all these trivial facts, what is most weird about Scientology is its views. The followers of this religion don’t believe that mental health issues exist, while also claiming that an alien named Xenu came to Earth with billions of people 75 million years ago.

2. Axl Rose and the fear of “M”

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We have all grown up listening to rock bands like Guns and Roses. Some of us might also agree that rockstars have some weird quirks, but Axl Rose’s fear of the letter “M” beats all that. Axl believes that the letter “M” brings bad luck, although he has no concrete reasons for why he unduly discriminates against an alphabet. The lead singer of GNR has such strong misgivings against the letter M that he tried to avoid cities and towns starting with the alphabet M. We can only be thankful that he didn’t feel that way about cities that even had the letter M in it.

3. Megan Fox and mythical creatures

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Megan Fox, the 34-years-old actress is known for her interesting roles in Hollywood. She has time and again said to the media that she believes in mythical creatures like leprechauns and Bigfoot. When Fox was promoting her film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, she claimed that Bigfoot is real. The actress also has the fear of flying in airplanes. When she was asked how she copes with it, she said that she listens to the pop artist Britney Spears’s songs. Fox also believes that nothing bad can happen to her when she’s listening to Britney’s music because it’s not in her destiny to die listening to Brit’s songs.

4. Hillary Clinton and ghosts of the dead

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None of us knows for sure what happens behind the locked doors of the White House, but we must be bothered if the first lady was having séances. In 1996, Hillary Clinton claimed that she communed with Eleanor Roosevelt, the late former first lady. To make this claim even weirder, Hillary also stated that Roosevelt spoke through Clinton herself. Bill Clinton backed up his wife’s oddities and said that Hillary is known to commune with Roosevelt as if it was just another bright sunny day. The couple also said that they have communed with the ghost of Mahatma Gandhi on more than multiple occasions. Nancy Pelosi is also said to have made such similar claims. It must make us wonder, is the White House haunted?

5. Fran Drescher and alien implanted chips

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Fran Drescher is an Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress, best known for her role on “The Nanny” in the ’90s. However, weird beliefs don’t spare the best of us. She has made the headlines for the wrong reasons over the years. Drescher has said time and again that not only does she believes in the existence of aliens, but also that she was abducted by them. In 2012, she gave a statement that she was abducted by aliens several years ago, and had a chip implanted by these aliens on her. Despite the obvious questions that came her for making such odd claims, she has held her stood her ground, but also refused to clarify her statements. Well, we cannot fact-check everything after all.

6. Joan Rivers and her haunted apartment

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We have all obviously had unexplained sounds or noises coming from our apartments right? We have also more often than not realized that it is probably the wind or bad plumbing or a neighbor throwing a tantrum upstairs. Apparently, that is not the case with Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers moved into her NYC apartments and started hearing weird noises, instead of trying to determine the cause and effect of the situation, she came to a conclusion. She decided that the noises in her apartment were being caused by a phantom, and hired a voodoo priestess to exorcise her house. That doesn’t seem like the most plausible solution to noisy neighbors, but Rivers definitely felt so. She also said that she once returned home to find pornographic markings on the wall and that her dog refused to enter the house.

7. Jim Carrey and a whole another level of “bizarre”

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Jim Carrey is one of the most influential comedians and actor in Hollywood, probably topped only by the late Robin Williams. People have often wondered whether Jim Carry is a tad intelligent for all of us or if he is just outright weird. The actor knows to make a statement, and he never fails to do that in style. Carrey is well-known for being outspoken when it comes to politics and does this through the comic artworks that he posts on Twitter.

In 2017, the actor made a rare appearance in NYFW (New York Fashion Week), and said, I wanted to find the most meaningless thing I could find and join, here I am. Jim Carrey also went on to ridicule the whole premise upon which NYFW is based, that certain Icons have the power to make a difference and bring change in the world. The actor said that he did not believe in people, only in personalities, and also that we are just a field of energy dancing for itself. Carrey has also said that he had a tough time after his wife (Cathorina White) committed suicide by drug overdose. “Jim Carrey didn’t exist at that time. It was psychotic at times.” He was quoted saying.

Apart from these controversies, he is also known for the relentless pursuit for the vilification of Mark Zuckerberg. Carrey posted a picture on Twitter, painting Zuckerberg as an alien who has come to destroy the earth. He posted the picture with this caption:

“Congress gets a visit from planet Zuckerberg, “I shall prevent any further election meddling by destroying the earth with my Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator App! The sudden drop in Facebook’s stock has made me very angry. VERY ANGRY INDEED!”

Either Carrey is weird or we are too weird to notice his brilliance. Well, the actor always has us on our feet and guessing. He also actively voices out against the authenticity of vaccine research, claiming the vaccines does not cure diseases but causes them. Jim Carrey – one man, a million controversies, and the embodiment of the word “bizarre”. We certainly do not know and can never know what these celebrities were thinking when they admitted these bizarre beliefs to the public. We also can never verify if their claims are true or not, there are somethings we just cannot know. It is better if we do not know the reality of some mysteries in life, maybe we will find that we are too naive for it. Do we want to find out if aliens exist? Do we want to live in an apartment that is spooky? Do we want to meet Bigfoot? Do we want to commune with ghosts? Certainly not! Let us let these celebrities who have the courage for such mysteries deal with it. How much of these bizarre facts do you think to be true?