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Reincarnation – some think of it as the stuff of fantasy while others think it may be feasible. Imagine staring at a black and white photo of a bygone era and seeing your face in someone else’s? As much as we like to believe we are all unique, turns out we aren’t. Genetics can be pretty mind-boggling. The Buddhist concept of reincarnation also believes we keep getting reborn in an eternal cycle until we reach enlightenment. On rare instances, some people may be able to remember some things about their past lives while most of us remain clueless.

 Whichever side of the spectrum you may be, the mystique surrounding reincarnation is something that you can’t ignore. More so, when the people in focus happen to be celebrities. It is truly astonishing to find similar facial patterns reoccur and for a historical figure to be reincarnated as a modern-day celebrity.

 So, without further ado let’s look at the list of five celebrities who are rumored to be reincarnations.

John Travolta

 First celebrity on our list, John Travolta is one of the biggest names in the Hollywood industry to this day and has fans in every corner of the world. Did you know he is a Scientologist? That’s right. And, many Scientologists support the idea of past lives or reincarnation.

 It appears John Travolta has a doppelgänger who has a similar penchant for long sideburns. A side-by-side comparison of both men’s hairline, chin and the eyes reveal an uncanny resemblance. The picture of the bow-tied guy was reportedly taken in 1860. It made the rounds on the Internet in 2011 where it was being sold on eBay for a whopping $50,000 suggested selling price. That makes you wonder would John agree with the ‘proof’ of one of his past lives?

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Greta Thunberg

 In Nov 2019, an image from 1898 went viral which had three children working a gold mine in Canada’s Yukon Territory. What caught everyone’s attention was one girl from the photo who looked the spitting image of Greta Thunberg, the globally renowned environmental activist.

 The 120-year-old photo was discovered from the archives of the University of Washington and quickly got circulated on the social media site, Twitter. The Twitterverse was left wondering if Greta could indeed be a time traveler sent from the future to save the world. Some even theorized and joked she is either immortal or reincarnated. Netizens noticed even the braid of the girl in the black and white photograph was an exact match to present-day Greta Thunberg’s braid. The hosts of the popular show, ‘Your Morning’ proposed the image explains Thunberg’s refusal to travel by plane across the Atlantic. After all, time travelers are not particularly fond of technology.

 Time traveler or not, we can certainly do with all the help we can get from Greta Thunberg, can’t we?

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Brad Pitt

Born on 18  December 1963, Brad Pitt is one of the leading A-listers in the Hollywood movie business who needs no introduction. Men aspire to be like him and women can’t stop swooning over him. In his acting career, he has given us some of the most iconic performances including Tyler Durden in Fight Club, Aldo Raine in Inglorious Basterds and David Mills in Se7en.

He has a striking resemblance to the popular psychoanalyst and psychiatrist named Hermann Rorschach. Both men’s structure and facial features are too similar and make you believe in the theory there may be 7-9 lookalikes of your own somewhere in this universe.

 Speaking of lookalikes, you may want to look up Benicio Del Toro who is touted as the Spanish version of Brad Pitt.

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Macaulay Culkin

 Who can forget the cute and adorable Home Alone star of the 90s, Macaulay Culkin? Even if you do, there is one way to jog your memory fresh. Look at the photos of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin when he was a young boy and something will click in your brain. Yes! Compare the young president with Macaulay’s picture and you can notice the same angelic face and the floppy hair. What makes it more bizarre is that both are alive at this very moment. Could they be clones of each other? Has science progressed so much, and we don’t know the dark secrets yet?

 When Putin was in the 6th grade, he decided it was time to achieve something in life. He rose to excellence over the years until he became the Russian president. Similar in traits, Macaulay Culkin mentioned in an interview how he excelled at everything his father could not do before he was 10 years old.

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 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an award-winning American actor who rules the hearts of millions. The Hunger Games star looks eerily similar to an Egyptian actress who goes by the name of Zubaida Tharwat. Born on 14 June 1940, Zubaida was famous at the silver screen in the silver age (1950s to 1980s). She had many admirers of her own who were bewitched by her beauty and grace. When you look at the pictures of both these divas together, their face structure, eyes, nose and lips look strikingly similar. Almost like they are two clay pots made from the same mold.

Zubaida Tharwat died in 2016, so, this is not strictly a reincarnation. But we bet the similarities can leave you gaping with your mouth open.

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The idea of reincarnation is something which isn’t easily digested by too many – there are believers and non-believers both. Many people look at it as the doctrine of karma which seems a logical answer. Reincarnations or not, one can’t go past the scarily similar resemblances of these celebrities on our list. It makes one wonder, is this what they mean by ‘History Repeats Itself’? Do you believe in reincarnations? Do you know of more celebrities who are rumored to be reincarnations? Tell us in the comments section below.