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When you travel to visit a place, it is always a good idea to give yourself a little adventure. In this article, you will find a list of six scary places in India that you must visit. Recommended for all enthusiasts of ghost stories and thrill-seekers. Take a trip to these six places that creep and crawl with spooky legends of love, betrayal, and the treachery of haunting ghosts.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan.


Popularly called the scariest place in India, Raja Bhagwat Das built the Bangarh fort for his younger son. Mani Singh the First, one of the nine advisors to the Mughal emperor Akbar was a member of his family. The fort has been preserved even to this day with some beautiful structures. A dancing hall, several temples, the palace chambers, and intimate carvings on sculptures are all worth seeing. So even if you are not visiting the fort for the scares, visit the place for its beauty.

So how did such a beautiful place supposedly get haunted? If you ask the locals, they will give you several legends, each story scarier than the other. A popular story is that of a love affair between an evil priest and a princess. The priest apparently made a love potion for the princess and wanted to slip it into her food. The princess found out and sentenced him to death. Before he died, the priest was so angry that he cursed the fort. To this day it remains dilapidated, empty, and haunted.

The Bhangarh Fort is no stranger to mysterious happenings. This place is supposedly so dangerous that the Archeological Survey of India has put up a signboard with a warning. No entering the premises of the fort after dark. A few tourists have unfortunately lost their lives due to mysterious causes inside the premises.

Agrasen Ki Baoli, New Delhi.

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The Agrasen Ki Baoli is a protected monument by the Archeological Survey of India. The monument stands over an ancient stepwell that had deep black water in its depths. There are no historical records to say when this moment was built, but there are rumors that King Agrasen built it during the Mahabharata age. The present architecture of the place looks like it was built during the age of the Tuglaqs in the 14th century.

So what is so scary about this place? Legend has it that the black depths of the water in the well dragged people into it. The deepwater hypnotized a person to walk right into if they stared at it for too long. As of now, the well is dry. Yet, people who visit this place say that they feel an eerie presence behind them. Like ghosts following you. This eerie feeling is magnified by the fact that when you walk, you can hear your own footsteps echoing behind you. There is no cost of entry to this place and yet the Agrasen Ki Baoli sees very few visitors. If you think you have the courage to stare into the depth of the water or walk alone in the echoing halls, you must visit this scary place in India.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan.

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Seventeen kilometers to the west of a city called Jaisalmer, you will find a deserted village called Kuldhara. Around 3 decades ago, this village was like any other village, inhabited by people going about their daily lives. The village even prospered and the people were quite happy. The story that is often told is that the tyrant Prime Minister Salim Singh wanted to forcefully marry the village chief’s daughter. He threatened the people of the village saying he would take heavy taxes from them if they resisted. The village people held a council and convinced 85 other villages to vacate their homes. Legend says that these people cursed the land and vanished without leaving any evidence of their existence, except the empty mud houses themselves.

This scary place is a must-visit for any thrill-seekers who want to see the place for themselves and do their own investigations. When you get there you will see rows upon rows of empty and dilapidated houses. Houses that were once occupied by people from ages past. People feel an uneasy presence of ghosts watching them, like an ancient presence of ghosts who still live in those empty houses.

Haunted or not, this place does give you a vacant feeling of sadness. Whether the stories of the cursed village are true, or unlivable conditions forced people out of their homes, this place does make your heart ache. Make sure to visit this place and experience an ancient story for yourself.

Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune.

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The beautiful historical fort built in 1732 was the residence of the Peshwas of the Maratha empire before they lost it to the British East India company in 1818. The fort was once a sprawling seven-story capital building. Its base was built in stone. When the Peshwa wanted to build the whole structure in stone, the people wrote a letter to the king saying that only a king could build in stone. The Peshwa then built the rest of the building in brick. When the British invaded, the whole building except the stone base was destroyed. You can see the stone base even today.

There are a few stories that suggest this place is haunted. In the year 1773, the fifth ruling Peshwa Narayan Rao was killed by guards based on a conspiracy created by his uncle and aunt. They threw his body into the nearby river. The heart-wrenching legend that is told by all the locals is that you can hear the cries of the young prince saying “Uncle save me”. Added to the haunting of the young prince, in 1828 a fire that is yet unexplained broke out and killed all the people living in the fort. Locals and those who stay nearby say that they can hear the cries of numerous spirits lurking within the walls. The fort closes to visitors after sunset.

Jatinga, Assam.

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Jatinga is a village in Assam that is home to around 2500 people from the Khasi-Pnar tribe. The name of the village means “a village on a ridge”, and is situated in the Dima Hasao District. It is around 350 kilometers to the south of the city of Guwahati.

A mysterious event occurs on moonless nights, mostly from September to November. At around 6:30 p.m., a huge horde of birds starts descending to the village lights. Some of them drop dead on the ground. Ornothologists and naturalists have visited this place to try to figure out why this strange phenomenon occurs. Jatinga is now under the global spotlight. People go there to see for themselves the mysterious phenomenon of numerous species of birds flying low and dropping to the ground.

There are poems written about Jatinga. Not about the birds only, but the beautiful scenery and hills that surround the village. A poet by the name Tapati Baruah Kashyap has written around 50 poems dedicated to the village of Jatinga. In her poems, she talks about the people, nature, and the stories of unsung Assamese freedom fighters. She also writes about the falling birds and calls them the Falling Angels This place is a must-visit place if you are interested to witness nature and its strange phenomenon.

National Library Of India, Kolkata.

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The largest library in India is a hotspot for ghostbusters and spooky tales. The library was formerly known as the Imperial Library. After the independence of India, the government of India changed its name to The National Library of India. The National Library of India was inaugurated by Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. Currently, the library is under the purview of the Ministry of Culture. There is a story that gives a haunting aura to this seemingly normal library.

People say that the ghost of Lady Metcalfe who was Lord Curzon’s first wife haunts the building, especially at night. Her spirit wanders the huge corridors of the library, silently watching as people pass her.

Add to the haunting of Lady Metcalfe, in 2010 the Archeological Survey of India discovered a hidden room on the first floor. They couldn’t find any trap doors or openings that could lead to the room. In the end, they were forced to dig a hole through to the hidden room and found an empty and vast space. There is speculation that this room was used as a torture chamber by Warren Hastings and other British officials. If you want to take a look inside, the library is open to the public till 8 p.m. People say that you can hear whispers and screams of ghosts from the hidden torture chamber. If you are up to it, this place is a must-visit for fans of horror stories. These are the six scary places that you must visit to give yourself a thrill-seeking adventure. It doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not. History and ancient legends are woven into these places like cobwebs that don’t wash away.