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Staying connected has become extremely important today and with technological advances revolutionizing the society we live in, “smart cities” are becoming increasingly more common. Infrastructure has rapidly improved thanks to the use of big data and Internet of Things, making these top vacation spots for travellers today. Here’s a list of some of the most technologically advanced cities in the world today.


Today, London is one of the leading tech centres of the world. The East London Tech City has one of the largest technology clusters of the world called Silicon Roundabout. The capital has corporate offices of several tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. There are numerous tech related attractions that visitors can enjoy and many state of the art buildings have been completed with high technology. Free Wi-Fi is available at many hotels, restaurants, and public parks. The quality of London’s infrastructure and large tube network makes it one of the most interconnected cities in the world today. The use of advanced technology has made it one of the most powerful cities in the world, with regard to healthcare, economy, accessibility, R&D investment, environment, and cultural interaction.

New York

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Times Square isn’t the only thing New York is famous for. There are several start-ups and major tech companies in the city of New York, including Spotify, Google, Soundcloud, Facebook, Kickstarter, and Apple. Several tech related attractions in the city include:

New York Hall of Science

Hudson Yards

Eyebeam Museum of Art and Technology


Whitney Museum of American Art

The people here seem to always be connected on their gadgets and smartphones and the region’s progressive infrastructure makes it a well-connected city to live in. the city’s investment in efficient saving technology helps in realizing the objective of a smart city. The technological advancements have been beneficial in several sectors that make running the city easier, including the management of air quality.

San Francisco

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Linked to Silicon Valley which is to its south, San Francisco has experienced a technological boom. It boasts of a strong business ecosystem which serves as the epicentre of all things tech related and is the home of innovation. The advanced transportation network makes it one of the most accessible cities in the world with the Bay Area Rapid Transport Rail and Subway system as well as municipal railway system. You won’t just find traditional commuter trains here. There are also electric trolley coaches, alternative fuel vehicles, and cable cars. The Transbay Terminal serving the California High Speed Rail is an excellent representation of the link between public space, the environment, and transport.

Automated electric vehicles have become more important and car sharing efforts are more commonly seen here. There are several tech companies and start-ups that carry out their operations in San Francisco and the city boasts of tech related attractions for visitors to enjoy. These include museums, universities, hotels, businesses, professional sports venues, bars, as well as innovative buildings such as Millennium Tower and Salesforce Tower.


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Seoul is one of the most connected cities in the world today offering free Wi-Fi for the public and some of the fastest internet speeds. Global Digital Seoul attempts to make wireless service in the city better with coverage offered even on public buses and subway trains. The presence of American technology is strong in the city, with companies like Kia, LG, Samsung, and Hyundai present here. There are also many leading companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook that have offices here. Seoul’s metro system offers easy accessibility around the city with smartphone entry as well as protective platform screen doors.

Investment in infrastructure has made it possible to have online electric vehicle technology which can wirelessly transfer electricity from under the road to its surface. There are many high tech attractions to be enjoyed in the city, including the e-Sports Stadium, the Digital Pavilion, SK Telecom’s Experience, and virtual reality cafes. The Tower Infinity and Robot Science Museum are much awaited tech attractions of the city.


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Tokyo is home to some of the world’s most renowned names when it comes to consumer as well as professional grade electronics like Nikon, Sony, Toshiba, Canon, Panasonic, and Hitachi. A growing body of smartphone users, neon lights, as well as high tech attractions such as the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, teamLab Borderless digital art museum, Sony ExploraScience, and Robot Restaurant can be accessed through the city’s efficient public transportation facilities. AI powered automobiles, tech savvy booking systems, and smartphone technology services that are focused on Gen-Z make Tokyo an exciting city to be in as far as technological advancements are concerned. The city is still a leading player when it comes to the electronics industry.

The streets of Tokyo are full of the latest technology and its railway system is extremely classy, with 13 subway lines and over 100 surface routes that run at top operating speeds of 200 mph. Increasing investments in R&D for the city’s technological development holds a lot of promise for the future.


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With research units of prominent technology companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Google being in the city, it should come as no surprise that Singapore is on the list of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. The high speed internet in the region is free and unrivalled while toll technology charges people for using roads based on their amount of usage. Technological advances are even used with natural attractions like the leafy Gardens by the Bay. High tech giants as well as many start-ups are attracting more investors and workers, serving as an excellent catalyst to help realize the smart goals of the city. Apart from free Wi-Fi, the city also boasts of surveillance systems, pioneering outdoor lighting, visual CCTV, and smart public transport, all of which aid the creation of a sustainable city.

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong, Asia’s financial hub, deserves its place on the list of most technologically advanced cities in the world today. The region abounds in innovation and more than 50% of its exports are for high tech products. Using online services for daily tasks is normal here and you’ll be able to benefit from some of the highest internet speeds available. There’s a network of buses, trains, ferries, and trams that span all over the city and can get you from 1 point to the next.

The cash-free society paves the way for technologically advanced ways of living and buying goods & services. An octopus card can be used for this. Automated, disinfectant giving machines are also provided all over the city as sanitation stations. The high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, infrastructure, and other facilities make it one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities.


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Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is one of the world’s most popular technological destinations with urban infrastructure, very fast internet speeds, e-Government services, and tech savvy citizens. It is home to some of the largest PC manufacturers of the world, including Acer, Gigabyte, Asus, and MSI. Smartphone manufacturers like HTC and many Apple component makers operate out of Taipei. The city also has several venture capitalists and plays a vital role in the high tech supply chain of the world.

Los Angeles

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What was earlier known only for Hollywood is now being recognized for its technological advancements and commitment to innovation. Tech talent and start-up communities in Los Angeles have gained impetus thanks to e-Harmony, Google AdSense, and MySpace. Today, companies such as Tinder, SpaceX, The Honest Company, Scopely, and Hyperloop call it their home. The well-connected city makes accessibility easier and almost everyone seems to be connected to each other on their smartphone screens. Investors and an influx of new talent in the city make it possible to constantly innovate and stay on the brink of technological wonders even in the present world.


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What makes Copenhagen one of the most technologically advanced cities of the world is the fact that its efforts at advancing are done keeping the environment in mind. The city has a goal of ending its reliance on fossil fuels by 2025 and to realize this goal, it has put certain measures in place. There is a full scale smart energy laboratory created to harness wind power. With an intelligent, optimized energy system, district heating and energy efficient buildings will be made possible along with electric transport to offer easy accessibility to residents while also keeping the environment in mind.


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Canada’s technology hub is Toronto and the technology sector in the city comprises businesses that produce semiconductor & electronic components, software, navigational & measuring equipment, electronic & precision equipment, as well as computer & related equipment. There are plenty of start-ups and high tech firms operating out of Toronto and the city offers visitors accessibility through a well-connected public transport system and opportunity to check out some high tech attractions.


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Boston’s special technology base is capable of nurturing a variety of businesses, from early stage start-ups to tech giants. The technological advances here are made mostly in the field of biotech and robotics. R&D facilities have also been set up in the city by companies like Facebook and Amazon.