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As one of Hollywood’s most favorite blondes, Jennifer Aniston has experimented with different hairstyles over her long career. Her sleek and long, golden tresses have always been a signature look for many years, but like everyone else, the actress also took some time to find her very own style.

While she could pull off any look easily and make it her own, Jennifer has also had some interesting hair do’s in the past that she probably regrets today. From her many iconic movie roles such as Rachel in Friends to her red-carpet appearances, let’s take a look at Jennifer’ Aniston’s hairstyle over the years.


Although Jen always sports a blonde look today, she used to have long, bouncy and curly brunette hair. She has mentioned that she never loved her hair because she thought it was too curly and wanted sleek and straight hair. During this time, she was not as big a star as she is today. She had only acted in TV shows and movies in minor roles. Little did she know that her big break, along with an iconic hairstyle that had women running to the salon, would come in the next year.


This was the year when the first episode of the hit show Friends aired. A young Jen became a breakout star, but she hadn’t yet rocked “The Rachel” in the first season. Instead, Jen had shoulder-length beach waves with a sun-kissed brown color. This hairstyle definitely suited the young actress, even though it was not her usual blonde, which would become a signature color for her in the coming years.


It was in the year 1995 that the world-famous hairstyle “The Rachel” made its first appearance in Friends. Jennifer Aniston rocked this hair do so well that it became one of the most copied hairstyles for the next few years and people couldn’t stop talking about it. From TV news reporters, to lesser-known Hollywood stars, to everyday people – every woman rushed to the salon asking for their hairdresser to give them “The Rachel” haircut.

This short, angled and layered choppy haircut, despite its huge popularity, was not all that loved by Jennifer, who has admitted that she didn’t think it suited her. Named after her character in Friends, the hairstyle was created by LA hairstylist Chris McMillan, who is also a good friend of Jen.


Jen grew out her layered cuts from “the Rachel” and when her hair was long enough, she straightened it, getting the sleek and long straight hair that she had always wanted. Her honey-hued length looked gorgeous on her, and it looked very much like her hair today.


The year is 1999 and loosely curled, chunky tendrils are in. Jen also rocked this hairstyle at the 1999 Emmys, which she attended with her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt. Later that year, Jenn decided to put in long and thick extensions, making her hair look even better than it already was. It was probably for a movie called “Office Space” which she was shooting at the time, as her character in the movie has a similar hairstyle.


At the turn of the 21st century, Jen decided to take a bold step and went for a short and sleek blunt bob that completely changer her entire look. She rocked this hairstyle at the People’s Choice Awards held in January 2001. This was a drastic step compared to her usually long and layered haircuts, but she looked great nonetheless.


It was in the 2003 People’s Choice Awards that Jenn first appeared in her darker hairstyle. She opted for a golden brown balayage, which helped frame her face nicely. This is even more proof that she is a style icon who was ahead of her time because The balayage is now considered a must-have summer style.


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In 2005, the award-winning actress decided to go light blonde, which has become more or less her signature look even today. Ever since then, her hair color has remained pretty much the same and she looks amazing in it.


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Today, Jen almost always has sandy blonde hair that goes up to her chest. It was in the year 2010 that she established this signature hair length. The layered cut suits her extremely well.


The next year, she decided to rock a much shorter hair length than usual, showing the world that her beauty is not tied to her long and luscious locks. She can look good even with shorter hair!

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By this time, Jen grew out her hair, and the actress decided to go with chest-length, side-swept, super sleek hair with just enough layers to help frame her face perfectly. Her honey-hued, golden brown hair color was just the right tone to bring out her beautiful complexion too.


This year, Jen decided to go a few shades lighter, with an almost beach blonde hair and dark roots. Her soft layers, paired with the angled cuts nicely framed her face and made her look years younger. She donned this look at the premiere of Mother’s Day.


In the movie Murder Mystery, Jenn rocked a wavy, dirty blonde hair with chestnut hues that reached up to her chest. The actress looked amazing in the hit movie, rocking her signature blonde hairstyle. She kept this color for the next few months, rocking it with a layered cut at the front, helping to frame her face.


For 2020, Jenn decided to keep her signature blonde hair, but has added a few changes here and there. She first went a few shades darker with highlights, but then quickly switched back to her golden-brown blonde hair with off-center parting and layered cuts at the front.

Looking at her hair journey over the last few years, it is clear that no matter what hairstyle or hair length she rocks, Jennifer Aniston can easily pull off any look with her beauty, charm, and confidence.