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For centuries, human civilization has seen numerous combats. These wars gave shape to the map we view today. The weapons and vehicles used in fighting have also seen significant changes. Today, most of the nations around the world take part in warfare trade to strengthen their military capabilities. The following list will show you a list of combat vehicles that have proved to be useful in wars previously.


JLTV stands for Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. This strong and heavy capacity vehicle is able to move smoothly on unusual terrain. The firepower is pretty impressive, with heavy machine guns, anti-tank guided missiles, and automatic grenade launchers. The suspension of the vehicle is adjustable according to the terrain on which it will move. An undulating, rocky surface is not an obstruction for this vehicle.

This beast has a powerful protection system, a superb design that protects the troops from blasts or other attacks. The doors are heavy, each weighing several hundreds of pounds. An armored shell layers the entire cabin, and it shields both the interior and the underbelly. The fire extinguishing system works automatically if there is an imminent threat from fire.

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· F-35 Fighter jets

One of the most attractive samples of warfare technologies, these fighter jets are famous for their powerful engine and wide range. A missile fired from this jet will strike the enemy target with precision because of its GPS tracker. It can also fire cluster bombs and anti-tank missiles. These jets are preferred for surveillance missions because of their capability to fly at supersonic speed. The maximum speed of these fighter jets is 1.5 times the speed of sound.

It has become an integral and important part of the US army. It can perform electronic strikes on the ground as well as in the air. This helps it to detect and block enemy radio frequencies, and in the process, hide from their radar. The F35B model of these jets can land vertically and can track an incoming missile in 360 degrees.

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· Avenger weapon system

This vehicle carries Stinger missiles and can shoot eight in a row while moving. It is mainly used to strike down air threats from the opponent. The most attractive feature of this vehicle is its ability to shoot while moving, and that too with great accuracy! Boeing manufactured these vehicles for the US Army and later the manufacturing began for other customer nations. The 8XFIM Stinger missiles fired from an Avenger weapon system can reach up to a distance of about 275 miles (ca. 443 km).

The infrared system and its range finding laser technology allow it to perform effortlessly even in harsh weather, and at night. The missile launch specifications are allotted by an automated system that fixes the elevation and lead angle as necessary. Detroit Diesel V-8 engines used in these vehicles produce a speed of 55 miles per hour.

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This vehicle is basically a lightweight rocket launcher system on wheels. HIMARS stands for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. The rockets fired from these systems have the strength to destroy enemy targets at a distance of 186 miles (ca. 299 km). The top speed of these vehicles is recorded at 53 miles per hour. The maximum number of people that an M142 can hold is three. They proved to be of great use in the recent Taliban wars upheld by the US troops in Afghanistan.

Experimental tests show that anti-aircraft AMRAAM missiles can also be fired from a HIMAR. Layers of Sapphire and glass provide a strong but light window panel. The missile pods of these vehicles can hold up to a maximum of six rockets. But for the anti-aircraft missiles, this holding capacity is singular. Amazingly, they can fire with precision from the deck of a mobile ship or carrier.

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· M9 ACE(Armored Combat Earthmover)

As the name suggests, the main function of these combat vehicles is to remove enemy obstacles from its way. It also helps the troops to get the grip of a certain area by offering protection. The Earthmover can break down walls, or clear the reminisces of a blast. It needs to be operated by a single driver. Driving these vehicles needs highly proficient personnel. AV903C engine is used, with 295 horsepower, that can provide a top speed of 30 miles per hour (ca. 48 km/h).

These vehicles provide strategic advantages during the war. It can guard the enemy sight and help to set up machine gun bases or dig anti-tank trenches. The strength to compete on both offensive and defensive grounds have made it famous amongst the army.

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· M1A2 Abrams Tanker

With a humongous size of 32 feet (ca. 10 m) length, 8 feet (2.44 m) height, and 12 feet (3.66 m) width, these vehicles are quite popular. In terms of protection, these vehicles possess an NBC(Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) protection. To protect the front ends, depleted uranium plates are used. The maximum speed of these tanks is recorded at 40 miles per hour (ca. 64 km/h). Engineers have reduced the sound of these vehicles by using turbine engines. With a 120 mm and 17.3-foot long canon, they can fire at rest and in moving positions.

A distinguishing feature of this vehicle is its ballistic fire control computer. With the help of this computer, the angle of firing, and the range is calculated. This gives additional accuracy benefits to the army. Risk factors such as heating problems or excessive gravitational pulls at certain angles are also calculated for convenience. It became popular during the Persian Gulf Wars. It is also known by the name ‘Whispering Death’ due to its ability to move silently.

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These combat and war vehicles display how powerful the army is becoming with the advancement in technology. These vehicles themselves are things of beauty and appreciation. Though the effects caused by them can only be described in terms of damage, death, and destruction.