Six zoos around the world that have the most rare animals

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According to research which was conducted back in 2011, there had been a prediction. There are estimated somewhere around 8.7 million species of wildlife creatures on planet Earth. Surprisingly mankind is only been able to identify only 1.6 million of these species. Beauty lies in nature and its creatures/creations, isn’t it? These species have been evolving with us humans and will keep evolving until the end of time. While their evolution, there are a few instances where there naturally occurs a genetic mutation. This once in a million genetic defects gives birth to some extremely rare and beautiful creatures. Some of them are so rare and beautiful that people from around the world come to visit them every year spending 100s of Dollars.

Here’s presenting a list of six zoos in no particular order that own few of the world’s most rare and beautiful animals,

1. Audubon Nature Institute, New Orleans.

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This zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana is home to one of the rarest and magnificent beasts of this world. Alligators are very interesting and the only species that have survived from the age of the dinosaurs, even before the early humans. These animals are already iconic with their large size and sharp-looking teeth as if this wasn’t enough. There is this rare leucistic conditioned ‘White Alligator’ present in the Audubon Nature Institute. These magnificent beasts have translucent whiter skin & blue eyes. Most of the time people mistake them for Albino species because of their bright white skin. That is not the case in fact ‘Leucism’ is a rare condition and shouldn’t be compared or be mistaken for Albinism.

Leucism is a result that gives birth to pink eyes & no signs of pigmentation. Like regular Alligators these animals also feed on all kinds of fish and meat, so don’t try to get too close, or they’ll feed on you instead. Bring your young children to this amazing zoo and show them nature’s wonders like the ‘White Alligator’.

2. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago.

Lobsters are one of the most delicious seafood out there. People pay 100s of dollars to eat these delicious creatures. Well, this one is not for sale and consumption at any cost. One fine day in Chicago a fisherman out in the ocean doing his regular fishing job. When he pulled out his net he came across this beautiful and adorable sea lobster. This creature looked like it was some kind of outer world being or has just gotten out of a Sci-Fi movie. He took this rare and amazing piece of nature’s creation to a zoo in Chicago, Illinois. The place is called ‘The Shedd Aquarium’ a research team and a group of scientists were called to examine the creature.

Turns out this amazing shiny blue color is a rare naturally occurring condition and is only found in one in two million lobsters. The fisherman who caught this lobster became famous and was over the internet just like that. Today this lobster can cost you somewhere around millions of dollars if you wish to buy it. Apart from that this beautiful creature attracts millions of people from around the world to this aquarium every year. Next time you go net fishing keep a look for such amazing and rare species. Maybe next time your neighbors might see you on the television instead.

3. Henry Vilas Zoo, Wisconsin.

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Well, let me introduce you to this next and rare creature. Is it a Mule, a donkey, a Zebra, a Horse? What is this Animal? Well, this is rare species of the horse family and it is called the ‘Somali Wild Ass’. Fewer than 1000 of these are left in the wild which is disheartening but hey let’s be optimistic. A few years ago the number was only a mere 100 or 200 of these and now they’ve overcome the brink of extinction. Some of them are present in this zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. In the wild, you can find these species in Eritrea, Somalia & Ethiopia.

These animals live alone in the wild due to the scarcity of resources where these are found. Let’s spread awareness for the conservation of these species. And next time if you see an Ass or a Donkey don’t mock them as they are been mocked in cartoons and movies. These animals deserve respect as any other species on the planet. If you ever get a chance to visit Ethiopia or Wisconsin don’t forget to pay a visit to these beautiful creatures. They are probably In the top 10 wonders of the natural world.

4. Tennessee Aquarium, Tennessee.

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This a rare species of the turtle family. They are bullied at an early age for having a set of extra eyes and not wearing glasses. Or it can be a rare case of pigmentation on their necks which appear to be a set of extra eyes. These spots are or set of extra eyes are called ‘Ocelli’. Both males and females have different markings on the back of their necks. Unfortunately due to a large amount of hunting and exploitation of their natural habitats this species is declared as Endangered by the ‘IUCN’.

Fortunately, some of them were brought to this Tennessee Aquarium, and they have taken good measures for their reproduction and repopulating them. The most number of these beautiful creatures are present in this aquarium itself. This aquarium or institution is currently the only organization that breeds these in the whole Country. The babies of these creatures or in fact of any turtle species are so adorable. But we should spread awareness to help these creatures to grow and prosper like us. If you have a turtle as a pet in your house take them and visit this zoo and encounter them with their friend wearing spectacles.

5. Zoo Atlanta, Georgia.

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There is an estimation about there being more than 6000 species of frogs on planet Earth. More than 6000 species thousands of shapes, sizes, and shades. Some are venomous, some are not. Some are edible and some can be kept as a pet. This species of the frog family is unarguably the most beautiful and the most adorable. It is called the ‘Panamanian Golden Frog’. As the name suggests these beautiful creatures are only found in their place that is ‘Panama’. From where these species come they are viewed as a symbol of good luck and prosperity from the people who live there for 100s of years.

Due to a certain tragedy that occurred in the wild a few years back these animals are considered to be extinct in the wild. A few years back an epidemic of the ‘Chytrid’ family is basically a fungus that is highly deadly and dangerous to frogs and other Amphibians. This fungus hit the wildlife and caused devastation to these small creatures. Hopefully wildlife centers like the ‘Zoo Atlanta’ take good care of the ones that are present in their zoo. They have started an initiative for the breeding and regrowth of the population of these species. Ten years from now if some of us get a chance to visit the amazing jungles of Panama, hopefully, we get to see these beautiful creatures in their actual homes.

They belong out there in the wild not trapped in some tanks in human observation. Next time you see a golden frog be it in the wild.

6. St. Louis Zoo, Missouri.

Don’t confuse this creature for a raccoon or a panda. This unique combination of a raccoon and a panda. It is called the ‘Red Panda’ found in the lower regions of the Himalayas. These beautiful rare creatures and not breed they are naturally born. While their name consists of Panda, but they are closely related to Raccoons. While the giant pandas are closer to bear species. These animals can be found sleeping in the day like lazy adorable stuffed toys. While they feed and are active during the night. Red Pandas are almost vegetarians. Their diet includes bamboo shoots, other leaves, but they also eat small creatures and bugs. As happens all over the world, deforestation has also devastated a lot of their bamboo forests. Hence, these animals are categorized as endangered.

Wildlife conservation and organizations like the ‘St. Louis Zoo’ which is located in ST. Louis, Missouri is coming forward and helping these creatures. An interesting fact about them is that they have an extra thumb on their front paws. This extra thumb is a modified version of their own wrist bone that allows them to grasp and feed on their favorite meals that is bamboo. St. Louis zoo has started an initiative for the reproduction of these species and is successful in doing so until now. Let’s hope we get to see these adorable pandas in their wildlife homes soon. Until that time comes let these lazy creatures sleep on tall trees and be that adorable beings they actually are.