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Have you ever questioned yourself why do you like to travel and see new places? Most of us don’t think about the benefits of traveling. We decide upon a destination and make plans to go there. This is because humans are born with traveling genes. The curiosity to see what is there beyond our habitats has always made humans explore new places. We inadvertently know traveling rejuvenates and energizes our body and mind. Visiting places having historical significance gives a glimpse of our culture, civilization, and ancestry. The splendor of historic places with their architecture and beauty ignites the creative traits of a person. They make you believe you too can achieve such unimaginable heights.

According to a survey conducted in 2018, American citizens are the second most traveled people in the world after the Chinese. It is also one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. This shows that American citizens travel more to outside places than the places already present in the country. The USA has several historical places built during the colonization period. It also has a few modern wonders that demand a visit by people around the world. If you are an American citizen then visiting these places is necessary since you can know more about your history and relate to it.

You could either choose these historical places to study or rewind yourself with your friends and family on weekends. The places have all the facilities to help you to feel at ease and enjoy the surroundings.

The Best Historical Places in the USA

The list of the best historical places in the USA is very long. You would have to dedicate your entire lifetime to visit them provided you don’t have any job to do. Also, it becomes a confusing and complex process to single out a place or places to travel. That is where we come in the picture. We have chosen eight best historical places to visit in the USA for you so that the selection process becomes easy. You can choose any one or all of them to visit. The choice is yours.

1. Historic Jamestowne.

British were ruling almost half of the world by the 17th century and America didn’t go untouched by their invasion. They used to form colonies near seas and ports and then move inwards to establish more colonies. The USA has several such colonies established in the 17th century. Historic Jamestowne is the first successful colony established by the British in the year 1607. They had previously tried to make Roanoke their first colony in the year 1587 but failed in the attempt. After several attempts, Historic Jamestowne became the first British colony in America.

Historic Jamestowne holds several historically significant places in its belly. The town is part of Colonial National Park. The national park includes Cape Henry Memorial, York Town Battlefield, and Colonial Parkway. These locations give an idea of how the people of yore lived in the British colony. They have special inscriptions that you can read to gain knowledge about history. The town also boosts Jamestowne Glasshouse and the Virginia Company’s first industrial building. The Virginia Company is responsible for establishing the colony.

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2. Gettysburg

The Civil War fought between Union soldiers and Confederate soldiers is an important chapter in the history of the USA. The war dragged for several years until Gettysburg happened. It is the battleground where Union soldiers defeated Confederate soldiers to win the Civil War. The win resulted in uniting the country and eventually turned colonies into the United States of America. Today, you can witness the traces of history in Gettysburg free or you can take a two-hour guided tour for $35.

You can walk along the route of the Battle of Gettysburg. The route includes sites like Culp’s Hill, Seminary Ridge, Devil’s Den, and Cemetery Ridge. You can also visit David Will’s house, which has a museum to commemorate the town and the Civil War. Another Attraction at Gettysburg is the National Park Service Museum. The museum contains vital information on the Civil War, guided tours, and Exhibitions.

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3. Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

One of the popular tourist attractions in the world and the USA is Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It is located in Black Hills, Keystone, South Dakota, and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The center of attraction colossal sculpture carved on the granite boulders of Mount Rushmore. The sculpture consists of the faces of four popular presidents of the USA who dictated the future of the country. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are the four presidents whose faces adorn the hill.

Historian Doane Robinson was the mind behind these sculptures and it is said that he conceived the idea to boost tourism. All the faces were sculpted by father and son duo Gutzon Borglum and Lincoln Borglum between the years 1927 to 1941. The heads are of 18 meters in height and the Mount Rushmore has an elevation of 5725 feet (1,744.98 m) above sea level. The memorial park covers 1278 acres and has several other tourist attractions apart from hiking and camping.

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4. Independence Hall.

The USA declared itself independent of Great Briton on 4 July 1776. You might be wondering about the place where the declaration happened. It is the independence hall situated in Philadelphia. Independence hall is one of the most important landmarks among the historic places of the USA. It was constructed on land covering 55 acres and includes important sites like Liberty Bell Center and Congress Hall.

Either you can have a free walk or you can take a guided tour with the help of rangers. You can also involve yourself in indoor and outdoor activities. The Liberty Bell Center is situated across the Independence Hall and houses the famous Liberty Bell. The bell was previously hung in Independence Hall’s tower.

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5. Yellowstone National Park

You might be wondering how a national park has entered into the list of historical places. Yellowstone National Park is not like any other national park. It has historical significance, as it was the first landmass to be turned into a national park in the entire world. It helped in launching the National Park Service in the later years.

The park consists of a huge volcano that goes millions of years back. The eruptions of the volcano over a period have turned the landscape into beautiful views. The natural habitat surrounding the volcano consists of several species of flora and fauna. Yellowstone River boasts several geysers, hot springs, and breathtaking waterfalls along with its flow. The wildlife consists of grizzly bears, bison, antelopes, bighorn sheep, and black bears. You can roam the park in your vehicle or obtain the service of a guided tour. The park operates 12 campgrounds where you can relax under the beauty of nature.

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6. Martin Luther King JR National Site

Martin Luther King JR is one of the historical leaders who changed the course of history. His struggles, fights, and achievements changed not only the USA but the entire world. Such leaders are born once in a hundred years and it is our responsibility to store their memories and learn from them. Martin Luther King JR National Site situated in Atlanta, Georgia has been preserving documents relating to the racial equality campaigns of Martin Luther King JR. A visit to the site helps in knowing the man and history.

You can see the crypts of the leader and his wife at the site. You can also view his birthplace and witness his growth in pictures and visuals. The center also projects films on the life of the leader and conducts exhibitions to impart knowledge to the visitors about the civil rights movement. You can also see exhibitions about Mahatma Gandhi who inspired Dr. King to take up the non-violence movement.

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7. Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz Island became famous worldwide when the movie Escape from Alcatraz became a super hit. It is famously known as ‘The Rock’ since it appears like it has been carved out of a single rock. The place was a prison for notorious criminals like Al Capone and Whitey Bulger and operated from 1934 to 1963. On 21 March 1963, the prison was closed and converted into a museum. Today, it attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The National Parks Services manages Alcatraz Island and conducts tours for the famous prison. The guided tour uses an audio facility that gives information about the operations of the prison. The 3 to 4 hour also includes small anecdotes on the historical significance of the prison and the island.

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8. Statue of Liberty.

Who doesn’t know about the Statue of Liberty? The 92.99 meters tall monument was built in the year 1884 in France. Later the people and government of France gifted the statue to the people of the United States and dedicated on 28 October 1886.

Today, people from across the world visit the statue situated on Liberty Island. The visitors are provided with tours both inside and outside the statue. The tours include short films, exhibitions, and information templates containing details about the historical significance of the statue.

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